McArthur LogoMcArthur Homeware LLC was established in 2013 with the idea to provide decorative and at the same time practical home ware products to consumers on various markets.

McArthur LLC is registered as a Limited Liability Company under the statutes of the State of Florida, with its main office located in the beautiful city of Weston, FL, just 15 miles north of Miami.

The Sommelier by McArthur HomewareThe designer of The Sommelier began with this entrepreneurial idea in 2010, when he was wondering how he could come up with a nice decorative way to keep people’s wine and beer cold other than just a traditional bucket. He first came up with the idea of McArthur “The Sommelier”, and later he added more members to the family, which will be launched soon into the market. This creative design serves as a minimalist and beautiful decorative product for the home or restaurant businesses. The Sommelier by McArthur Homeware can be used for indoors and/or outdoors.

According to the Wine Institute of the United States the wine consumption has been steadily increasing since 2008. The wine consumption for 2015 in the US was of 913 million gallons making that an average of 2.83 gallons of wine per resident. With this increasing statistics, McArthur LLC will target the wine drinker audience as a potential market.